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Montana Officials Urge Judge to Lift Wolf Harvest Ban

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about the judge in Helena named Chris Abbott that restricted wolf harvest and trapping because too many could be killed this winter after receiving pressure from environmentalist groups. Abbott granted a temporary restraining order which limits wolf hunting to just two animals outside Yellowstone because there were 23 harvested last year outside Yellowstone. Governor Gianforte continues to argue that if wolves leave Yellowstone and enter Montana, they can be hunted under state law under the quota system. Abbott also limited the number that can be harvested near Glacier Park and temporarily banned the use of snares state wide during trapping season. 

Gianforte criticized Just Abbott saying he overstepped his bounds to align with extreme activists when he granted this restraining order. The groups that filed the lawsuit are Wildearth Guardians and Project Coyote who argue that the states wolf hunting quota system was based on a flawed population estimate and the state hunting laws amended the states 2002 wolf plan. Montana FWP argues that the wolf plan is not an administrative rule and the population estimate process is a more accurate version than the previous process that the organizations never challenged.




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  1. After the 90/10 rule, good luck getting my support.

    I feel for you, but I will spend my dollars and help out as much as I can where they like me and want me to hunt in their state.

    Wyoming’s population as a whole is small, good luck with ur fight now that u pissed off all the non-residents who had ur back.

    Time for non-residents to give Wyoming only 10% of ur support!!

    • Sorry still soiled about Wyoming can’t think straight,Montana ur great (shoot my first sheep in ur wonderful state) I will email the judge and governor

      Good luck Montana!!

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