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Mauled By a Grizzly Bear…Twice!

On Sunday evening social media blew up when Eastmans’ contributing author, Todd Orr posted a video on Facebook of the aftermath of his encounter with a sow grizzly bear and her two cubs. See the video below:

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Most of you who have followed this blog for any amount of time know Eastmans’ stance on delisting the Yellowstone grizzly. The reality is that we are far above the original numbers listed in the ESA for delisting and encounters like this are likely to rise. The longer we go without hunting these animals the less instinctual fear of humans grizzlies have.

In most cases bear spray works but it sounds like in this case adrenaline had taken the bear into overdrive as she mauled Todd. Todd did everything the way he was supposed to, which goes to show that sometimes these encounters still happen.

Make sure as you head into bear country this hunting season you brush up on the necessary steps to have a safe backcountry camp. If you are planning on spending time in grizzly bear country in the near future you will want to read Mike Eastman’s book Elk Hunting The West Revisited. Regardless of how safe we are in bear country, the real question is this, what do we have to do as hunters to push grizzly bear delisting through?

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  1. Kinda like a democrat,,nicer you are to ’em the meaner they get

    • I was hunting in this exact same area this week. There were 3 maulings to be exact all withing a 10 mile radious within a week! My friends cousin said that if he would have shot the griz that mauled him he would be dead! The bear was already pissed off and a bullet wouldn’t have done any good unless you brain panned him! Carry bear spray folks. A Pistol is good back up but if you pepper spray you have a better chance of living to tell the tale! Even if you have a few cuts and bruises!

  2. I’m from the east so maybe I don’t see this the same as westerners. Why mess around
    with bear spray. I would rather carry a pistol and be as sure a can be that I go home to my wife.

    • do you think you can always put a grizz down with a pistol?

      • Tim, do you think you can deter one with bear spray? Neither is foolproof as Todd obviously experienced. And his written account also states that he was carrying a sidearm, but went for the spray. He did not elaborate on the reasoning or caliber of sidearm he had. Lots of debate on which one is better. I don’t hunt grizzly country (yet) but my preferred defense is a sidearm when I do. I practice a lot and have taken defensive handgun classes. Is that a guarantee of survival? Hell no, but it helps me be as prepared and confident as I can be. Depending on the method of carry, difference in reaction time between spray or a sidearm is likely irrelevant IMO. Will be interesting to hear more from Todd about the attack.

        • I have been in Todd’s shoes and trained with a pistol. I went for bear spray and would do the same thing again. You will thank me one day.

    • Better ask you wife if that’s what she wants. Ha ha

  3. Is this real? Why would someone that has been mauled and walked three miles do a video before heading to the hospital. It did not appear that any type of first aid had been applied. A vehicle in the background but no one is driving hell bent for leather to a hospital or applying anything to the wounds- VERY ODD!

    • Dan because he is pissed off. And one very lucky cool headed outdoors man. Who has taken stock of his condition stayed calm didn’t go into shock. Bleeding has stopped and wants to show what can happen and maybe help others and get Grizzly Bears dilisted. So this happens to less people. I for one thank him for the info and wish him a speedy a complete recovery.

    • If I was not in jeopardy of dying from bleeding out, I’d do the same. If you read his written account of the details, he was very self aware throughout the entire ordeal. Why not document it? I mean you just survived a mauling by one of the most dangerous apex predators. When he’s retelling the story to his grand-kids years down the road, how much cooler does it get than showing them the video carnage? We all react different when the adrenaline is surging, but it seems that Todd kept his wits about him throughout the whole ordeal. Impressive!

  4. Yes it’s completely real. I live in the area where it happened. The guy is a complete idiot. He’s in a area where it’s legal to pack a gun. Shoot the damn bear if you feel like your in complete danger. Now that sow feels like it’s okay to attack humans, and could be the same damn bear that got him the first time. Some people just don’t get it.

    • Your comment is ignorant! He followed the MOST recommended protocol for a grizzly encounter and is alive today to tell the story. I hate how dumb people can sit in the comfort of their living room and arm chair quarterback a life or death experience that someone else lived through. Tell me, how many stories have you heard where a guy killed a charging grizzly with a handgun, not a rifle? Probably not to many compared to the number of bears stopped with spray.

    • Check your grammar before you start calling someone an idiot. It’s “you’re”.

  5. also, bear spray has the potential to cause eye infection for the bear which may lead to eventual blindness which leads to a slow agonizing death for the bear. I prefer to just simply kill the bear outright.

  6. Brave man and tough! I can deploy my Glock 10mm faster than bear spray. 15 rds of 200gr hardcast at 1300 fps may not do the job but that will be one sick bear. By the way, this guy had a gun.

  7. I’m glad Todd survived and pray for his full recovery without complications.

  8. I also am glad that Todd is okay and will make a full recovery. I appreciate his desire to tell the story on the spot and that it can’t be altered from the truth. I harvested an elk in the same area in 2013 and was able to retreive the meat before a grizzly was feeding on the carcass. There have been three maulings in the area that I know of. One at Indian Creek, one at Taylor Creek and this one at Bear Creek. I know a rancher that lives between Indian Creek and Bear Creek that won’t go outside his house at night because he has grizzlies feeding on his fruit trees at night. I know two hunters that were charged by a grizzly near Bear Creek two years ago and thank God nobody was hurt. The FWP has a management plan ready to put in place to manage the grizzlies in Southwest Montana. I think it’s time.

  9. When this sow was leaving if she would of had a bullet in her gut, she never would of did this again! I just left a griz area in wy. It’s law you have to keep food a 100yds from camp! I believe if a bear comes into camp for food it should be killed. In nature a young/weak bear won’t steal the food of a mature bear because of FEAR, grizzlys should fear man. I don’t want no grizzly bears, I even wanted to see one however, they should fear man or die. I butchered my elk with grizzly tracks close by and felt safe with my 10m and 15 rounds on my side.if this sow would of been shot or shot at her cubs may have learned from man not just mom.

  10. I’d turn ambidextrous real quick!… Smith & Wesson in one hand…bear spray in the other!…and maybe I knife or two between my toes… Speedy recovery Todd!..

  11. Should we de list the Grizzly if the numbers show they are no longer endangered then absolutely .when an apex predator like a Grizzly is hunted or chased by dogs they instinctualy avoid humans this guy did everything right and was lucky to be alive… he has my respect. Time for a Grizzly hunt

  12. Campbell King. You are an idiot, putting a political spin in this. Keep voting republican asshole, and you won’t have any public land left to hunt. Yea I’m a democrat, Hunter and gun owner. Yes I want public land federal land, not sold to the richest opportunists, and yes let’s start hunting grizzly.

    • Robert, I agree that we should vote based on the important issues and ideals and which candidate we think will best hold true to that regardless of party line. As for the presidential election, unless I’m wrong, and I have been wrong once or twice, Trump is NOT in favor of public land transfer. And in this election, I think he is the only logical choice.

  13. My gun shoots further and faster than bear spray… Go hug a tree and ride a bike

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