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Man Killed In Hunting Accident

Reports like these are tough to take. This one made my stomach turn, thinking of the chaos this particular father and son hunting trip ended up being and ultimately ending in an unexpected death of the father.

Hunting in the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming for elk, they were hiking back to their vehicle when one of the rifles went off as the father handed his son the rifles so he could scale the rock face his son just traversed. One of the rifles went off and shot the father in the upper right chest. He later died at the hospital in Worland, WY.

When I think of all the near catastrophes I’ve encountered in the field over my lifetime, I am so thankful that the situations never lead to dire consequences. This recent hunting accident is a solid and sobering reminder not to take anything for granted when hunting safety is concerned. Firearm safety, camping safety, traveling safely, etc., are nothing to overlook.  When times are good and things are running smoothly it is easy to get careless. Make sure you have your wits about you while in the field so you have many GOOD memories to share with loved ones in the future.

Our hearts go out to this family in their loss…

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  1. It’ to bad you had to say careless, we as humans unfortunately are not perfect, we do screw up at times, some pay a tremendous price. A father and son, so sad….

  2. God bless the man’s son and the family. don’t know the circumstances but I always demand that my hunting buddies carry on an empty chamber. No snap shot is worth the danger of carrying a loaded gun when the gun is not going to be immediately fired at a game animal.

  3. They ignored gun safety rules. Very sad deal.

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