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Kifaru 44 Mag Giveaway

Here is your chance at a new Kifaru 44 Mag Hunting Pack! The 44 MAG has pockets on the outside of the 500D Cordura bag, which I can report are perfect for the good stuff like spotting scopes and tripods.Between the top lid and the side pockets there is already a lot of organization present on this pack and add in the semi-custom nature of added pockets and it is very easy to build a pack that will work for the other gear that you prefer for backcountry excursions.These specific packs aren’t the largest of the Kifaru packs, but due to the complexity, they will morf into whatever you will need for the field. You will be able to purchase attachments(not included) to fit your exact needs for your next adventure. Sign up for this giveaway by filling out the form below. Good luck!

Sign up for this giveaway by filling out the form below. Good luck!

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  1. Looks like an awesome giveaway thank you for the opportunity. Enjoyed reading the magazine I get both bow hunting and hunting. I like the research section and the articles that are written by staff members

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