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Iron Knee Mike

The last blog I did was just before going steelhead fishing in Idaho. Did OK, the biggest I landed was a 37-inch, native hen swinging a black leach fly. She put up quite a fight and made the trip. Shortly after getting home I checked into the hospital and went under the knife. If you have read my Hunting High Country Mule Deer book or watched me on our TV show, you know I have a bad right knee. This knee has been shot for over ten years. I was hoping that it was going to be a partial knee replacement. Well, they got inside and it turns out it was 90% bone-on-bone and covered with arthritis. The surgeon said it was bad. So off came the whole thing and now it’s iron leg Mike. In recovery I was such a pain in the ass the Doc let me out of the dungeon (hospital) a day early.

Twice a day for 2 hours and I have to pay for this!
That’s a knee even a hungry grizzly wouldn’t bother. I don’t even want to know how the staples come out!

The next day even with the pain from surgery the fake knee feels better then what I was dealing with all those years. Bertie said maybe that was why I always had a frown on my face. The Doc is confident I will be able to backpack this fall. But be careful with the load. This morning while sitting out on the deck watching Bertie and the fox I noticed no pain coming from the knee! It’s a little stiff but Bertie has me in the rack making me do bends to get my range of motion back. Now three times a week I have to journey the 77 miles out of the mountains to Powell for legal knee torture. But it’s going to be worth it!

Bertie giving Foxy a snack off the deck.

This down time gives me a chance to make up time on that new mule deer book, plus a field guide to judging trophy mule deer and antelope. It will be a small notebook style you can throw in your pack, just a pack-along field reference book for trophy judging.

As for an update on the wolves and grizzlies, neither has shown up the past month. I know the bears are out, but not on my creek. Those wolves have cleaned up all the winter kills so I think the bears are in other drainages. However, black bear season is coming up and Jack, my grandson, wants to go this spring.

Now the best for last: While I was getting sawed on in the Cody hospital, over in the Powell hospital my son Ike and his wife, Candi had the fourth generation Eastman, a granddaughter, making me a Grandfather three times over. Grandmother is having fun fussing over the little girl. Their goes my cook for a while, so will keep you posted.

I have been working on several product evaluations and will post them next go around. Good luck in the draws. Mike (Iron Knee) Eastman

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