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Hunt. Donate. Nourish. – Food From The Field Program


Wyoming’s First Lady Jennie Gordon has helped spur a new program to a head that offers hunters a chance to help feed the hungry in Wyoming.

In a release from the Wyoming Game and Fish and The Wyoming Hunger Initiative Mrs. Gordon outlines how, starting in 2020, the Wyoming Hunger Initiative is teaming up with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies and participating meat processors to make donating game meat from your hunt easier. In the past, well intentioned hunters often met obstacles if they wanted to donate game meat and a lot of food that could have helped, didn’t get a chance to. 

The new Food From The Field Program aims to remove the previous hurdles to donation. Hunters are invited to make a financial contribution to cover processing costs and the Wyoming Hunger Initiative will pick up the rest of the tab. And, if you’re worried about CWD, don’t be, all donated meat will be tested before being allowed to enter the food bank system. In short, the Food From The Field Program is a great option for hunters wanting to share the fruits of their successes. For more information on the program visit https://www.nohungerwyo.org/field

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