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How To Survive In The Woods – Day Trip Turns Overnight

Learn how to survive when a day hunting trip turns into an unexpected overnight stay. Fieldcraft Survival’s Kevin Estela covers the steps you should take if you have to spend an unexpected night out in the backcountry. None of us hope or expect to have to spend the night in the wilderness without the proper planning and preparation, especially in the winter, but sometimes unexpected events occur and you find yourself in an unfamiliar location or circumstances that prevent you from getting out of the woods. Kevin talks about the three components of an emergency shelter and how you can make the most out of an unexpected situation.

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  1. I do believe survival training should be taught in community schools as well as firearm training. It is fundamental requirement for human survival if the worst were to ever happen. Unprepared very rarely survive and if do usually not without some consequences.

    “How to survive in the Hoods” going be a sequel?

  2. I was impressed in how simple and the common sense that’s involved in the video. I liked the small victories! Nice job with the video and it’s nice to be reminded that situations can happen. Thanks

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