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How to survive a bear attack! FULL FILM

Learn how to survive a bear attack and defend yourself from a black bear or grizzly bear. Know your self defense options and how to prepare for bear country whether you are hiking, camping, backpacking or hunting. Dan Pickar tests bear spray and shows how to use it properly. He also simulates a bear charge and tries to shoot a moving target with different types of firearms.

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Dan Pickar

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  1. William A Feldner

    Carry a short shotgun loaded with slugs. If not that then a 44 magnum that you can shoot. The 45 acp and 10 mm will just make the bear mad. Light calibers just do not have the power to penetrate deep enough into a bears vitals, given its heavy muscle and bone. I have a 454 in a Alaskan Guide shoulder rig and it works well. Yes the 454 hurts to shoot, but a nasty grizzly you have wounded will most likely hurt also. Just my opinion.

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