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How To Haul Meat On a Pack Frame!


Every one of us hopes to “Go in Light and Come Out Heavy.” Dan Pickar walks through proper placement of meat while using an F1 Mainframe from Eberlestock in this video. Press play to see where you want the weight loaded and how to get it out of the backcountry on your back!

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Dan Pickar

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  1. Well, that was a basic as you can get. The pic on FB shows a guy hauling bags of bones, I was hoping the video was going to have some cool tricks on how to keep those bags of formless meat stable without too much cordage.
    Anyone who belongs in the backcountry knows how to pack a quarter, but most backpack hunters that go deep are not packing out hide or skeleton anymore.

  2. My method of hauling out boneless is to use a SealLine or similar waterproof dry bag. Not the best in warm weather but it keeps the meat contained and pack-able.

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