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Guess the Score Gear Giveaway


This is the first buck of the Eastmans’ Guess the Score Giveaway contest. Followers are welcome to submit their guess for the current mule deer’s Boone & Crockett score in the form below for a chance to win the most recent MRS Annual signed by the Eastmans, an Eastmans’ hat and a Sitka Polygiene shirt.

The first buck is a cactus buck taken in Utah in 2015. Cactus bucks are also known as stags that are no longer possess their reproductive parts due to an accident. Because of this, their bodies no longer tell them to shed their velvet or drop their antlers, which creates the unique antlers you see here!

We will award the first person to guess the correct B&C score at the end of the week. A new buck and more prizes will be announced next week. Good Luck!

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