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Eastmans’ Family History

Mike Eastman shares the story of how the Eastman legacy of filming and fair-chase hunting began with his father Gordon. The late Gordon Eastman was a pioneer in the industry, and even worked with Walt Disney for part of his career.

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The letter below came through my email this morning. I’ll not divulge who wrote it …


  1. You need to remaster & make Gordon’s epic hunting adventures available on DVD’s or to download.
    It was a clip I saw on TV of a sheep hunt that planted a seed in me to see wild places & chase wild critters!

  2. Oh exactly ! Gordon’s was the man and was lucky to live in era of transition ! You and I are not! The lucky in this era are those w hook ups or $ that can hunt quality private lands or far away remote locations ! Not u !
    The next era is what u have in Europe and Texas shit hole! Large land owners, only expensive guided hunts are the future coming really fast. The in between time is the Preference point bonus point kids ! After that it’s all canned large land holding access or guided hunts. Massive population swell means enclaves – yes enclaves of boxed in areas that people call fair chase Max point draw trophy areas ! That’s the future pure fact ! After that – maybe 10-15 years we will see massive decline of any interest to hunt cause it will be a total joke to call a place wild and an animal wild ! U will be able to dial in every step the animal makes minute by minute – shoot it from 2000K yards, spot it days in advance, with aerial scouting platforms etc ! It will become about as much about hunting as rolling out of bed in the morning ! We’re getting there fast fast ! Send me a 10K custom gun with a 6K scope, 5-6K in ultra sweet hunting attire and $800 boots, a $1000 range finder, thermal and IR sights at night to scout then a super sweet drone with a HD camera to hover over high deep canyon terrain and it becomes a great hunt where we find that 390” Bull elk ! Awesome !

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