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Eastmans’ Elevated: Getting It Done In The Tough Years with Guy Eastman

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Winter 16/17 has been brutal and we have broken the 30/30 formula on multiple occasions. Snow-pack in most areas are higher than 100% of normal and we still have the spring snow storms headed our way. The question now becomes Will winter kill destroy my western hunting plans for 2017?  We are hearing that question with regularity here at Eastmans’ and Guy Eastman sat down with Brian Barney for an episode of Eastmans’ Elevated to talk about how to get it done in the tough years. Put on your headphones, press play and give this episode a listen. Make sure you have your phone set to download every episode of Eastmans’ Elevated! We have some great content coming in the near future that is geared toward making you a better hunter!


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  1. I would like to hear about a report of the different states and the areas hit the hardest along with weather we should be putting in for points only.

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