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Come See Us At The Show!

Eastmans’ attends numerous tradeshows and events across the western US each year to share the #1 magazines for hardcore western hunters, our latest books and DVDs and our jewel- the Eastmans’ Trophy Deer Tour. Hosted by Roger Selner for  the last 30 years, the Eastmans’ Trophy Deer Tour is one of the most popular hunting/sports show attractions in existence.

Don’t miss Guy Eastman live at the Sacramento, CA and Denver CO- ISE shows. This year, Guy will present, Modern Strategies for Monster Bucks & Bulls. Guy is clearly the authority for the next generation of fair chase, western trophy big game hunters. He’s a dynamic lecturer, host of Eastmans’ Hunting TV and Editor-in-chief of both the Eastmans’ Hunting and Bowhunting Journals.

Come join us for another exciting year in western big game hunting.  Stop by our booth for exciting show specials.

We look forward to seeing you in 2015!



2015 Eastmans’ Trophy Deer Tour Dates and Locations

Date                                                   Location
February 19-22 International Sportsman’s Exposition
Phoenix, AZ
 February 27-March 1  Sportsman’s Warehouse, Albuquerque, NM
March 12-15 International Sportsman’s ExpositionSalt Lake City, UT
 March 20-22 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Carson City, NV
April 10-12 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Hillsboro, OR
 April 17-19 Sportsman’s Warehouse, E. Wenatchee, WA
April 24-26 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Missoula, MT
May 1-3 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Idaho Falls, ID
May 8-10  Sportsman’s Warehouse, Twin Falls, ID
May 15-17 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Logan, UT
August 28-30 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Casper, WY
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  1. Why don’t you come to the Sportsman’s Warehouse in Bend OR???

  2. Got a very nice surprise at the christmas event,I knew Todd Meuller,and commented to my wife about a month ago ” I wonder what happend to “Fred” the deer head.I looked at the head on the wall Saturday and said ” Hey that looks like “Fred”, looked down at the info and got a grin,I remembered that monster from 20+ years ago and the whole story that goes with him,Got it straight from the hunter,RIP Todd, Freddies on the road being showed off as he should be!

  3. Katherine Miller

    Hey guys. You show Reno, NV on the map but not in the list below. Oversight? My son and I are really looking forward to this show.

  4. Have you ever considered coming to the SE one time? Florida is full of western hunters. We have Bass Pro stores in Orlando, Ft. Myers, soon to open in Tampa. SCI has many active Chapters in FL. Tampa is one of the Largest.

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