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The Outdoors Fuels The Economy

  So, you want economic development? Have you thought of investing in the outdoors? Well, many have and the rest of us are reaping the benefits according to a new report.  “The data backs it up. Investing in conservation creates jobs, propels our economy forward from the past year, and …

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Montana HB 637 Update

HB 637 was developed to generally revise laws pertaining to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks. This bill started as a clean up bill for multiple laws and definitions in FWPs rulebook, from how wolves are classified to a hunter mentorship for 10 year olds who haven’t taken hunter safety to …

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Why It’s Harder to Draw CO Licenses

PC: Mike Eastman Thanks, to Eastmans’ Forum member ColoradoV, I got my hands on the 2021 Colorado recommendations. In it were some interesting charts that show the trends in Colorado elk, deer, moose, antelope, and bear applications and licenses. Let’s look at the first three. Elk Look at the elk …

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