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Beyond The Grid TV- Texas Sheep Massacre Teaser

The next episode of Beyond The Grid TV is coming next week! Our question for you with this teaser is do you think that the Audad from this hunt was edible? Leave a comment below about whether or not you think it was edible and subscribe to our YouTube Channel here!

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  1. Jason Griffith

    I’ve taken several rams and ewes from young to old and have tried to smoke them, roast them, grill them, grind it into hamburger, crock pot (which just makes your whole house stink) and even tried fajitas with tons of chili and salsa to Kill the taste…. I gave my dog a hind quarter and he just and buried it in hope the smell would go away. Good luck guys

    • Likewise…. young to old, grilled, fried, slow cooked, even ground 50/50 with pork. All that accomplished was doubling the amount I had to eat. No help from my wife and kids, not even my red bone hound!

  2. Wesley Collins

    All good just slow cook it dont be a p****

  3. he’s still chewing it, will let us know when done

  4. Those steaks would be great cook properly. They should be cooked in a cast iron skillet with REAL butter, salt and pepper..

  5. Get a large pot and place your favorite spices with water high enough to cover the meat and bring to a boil and then add in an old boot. Be sure not too over cook usually about 30 minutes. Throw out all ingredients and eat the boot.

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