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Arizona Wards Off Anti-Hunters

“We applaud the efforts of the sporting community to support the department in resisting attacks from activists trying to ban hunting.”



It appears that states like Washington could take some lessons from Arizona on dealing with rabid, anti-hunting radicals! Kudos to Arizona sportsmen/women and Arizona Game and Fish Department for not bowing to pressures demanding hunting bans on bears, mountain lions and bobcats. The good folks of Arizona stood firm and refused to give an inch. What a refreshing bit of news this is. 

All too often the opposite is true these days… When the anti-hunting radicals begin their assault on scientifically based, sound game management plans, such as the controlled hunting and harvest of predators, too many states kowtow to these irrational people who are ruled by emotion instead of logic. Just last week we regretfully had to inform you about the postponement of the Spring bear season in Washington state thanks to an anti-hunting takeover of the Game and Fish commission there. It seems that everywhere we turn our hunting privilege and heritage is being trampled. 

Enough is enough! We will not convert this radical mob into hunters and they will continue to use whatever means necessary to destroy hunting and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. Our task, as hunters, needs to be to convert and retain those in the middle. Most of the American population is ambivalent toward hunting and those are the folks we need to win over and convert to be pro-hunting! However, the radical fringe is louder and more unified than we are and that needs to change. 

Take a cue from Arizona and attend Game and Fish meetings in your state, as many as you can. Don’t just attend either, be vocal, get involved and support ALL hunting, trapping and fishing, even if it’s a type you don’t participate in. Hunters can be our own worst enemies, criticizing other hunters and creating division when we need to be a solid, unified front. Also, don’t sit idly by, doing nothing, or worse, apathetically going with the flow, that will lose us this war. Yes, it’s a war and in case you haven’t noticed, we are losing! Just look North, British Columbia lost its grizzly bear hunts a couple years ago and now the anti-hunting lunatics are slavering over the elimination of caribou and moose hunts as well. 

Like Hitler in WWII there is no appeasement that can satiate these people. They are the enemy and until we come to terms with that we will continue to lose hunting seasons. Stand up, speak up! It’s time hunters affirmed our place as the rightful stewards of North American wildlife before it’s taken from us.

Arizona knew the cost of appeasement and said, NO! Thank you for setting the example Arizona, it’s time the rest of us followed your lead.

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  1. Vote inslee out

    Todd, The WDFW Commission members are appointed by the Governor. He hand picks these idiots for their support at the ballot box. The Eastside of the Cascades will be doomed due to his transgender loving commissioner’s, that have already proven that they do not understand or believe in biology or science. Feelings and only theirs matter.

    The method of approval of these commissioners must change to the voice of the people and not some eco killing governor. Just writing a letter showing your feelings and that you have paid for the academic criteria to fill the position is no longer an acceptable means to apply. Complete joke. Any liberal group can plant their own vote getter into the position. You could call it packing the Commission, oh wait it is a transgender demwit ran state so that could never be true.

    If they do not have a lifetime hunting or fishing license in the state they cannot be a commissioner.

    If they haven’t ever harvested any fish or wildlife for own consumption they cannot be a commissioner.

    If they do not support NRA they cannot be Commissioner.

    If they are not affiliated with any conservation groups they cannot be Commissioner.

    If they do not follow science from the biologists and data supplied they cannot be trusted with the states fish and wildlife decisions.

    Now that they want inclusion for themselves it has become more evident they are now forcing it onto the fish and Wildlife. That is how their brain is wired. Bears are to stop eating baby deer and elk. They will put signs up for the bears discouraging the behavior. It will be ok if a bear wants to recognize as a beaver as well. They will start hormone therapy for the bears that want to change their sex.

    The state used to have fish and game until Gay Inslee became governor. Within a few years it will become a fish and game (fag) viewing only state.

    Kudos to AZ!

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