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I’ve gotten a lot of questions about trophy antelope areas. There is a misconception promoted by the hunting application people that only a few units in Wyoming can produce trophy quality B&C bucks. This is so far from the truth that I feel I need to expound on the subject a bit. In my newest book Trophy Hunting Antelope a D-I-Y Guide, I write about this fallacy. In fact because of the way buck antelope grow their horns, it takes a good winter, spring and summer to develop a set of horns that make the book. It holds true for any antelope unit out west. The idea that all it takes is drawing the right trophy area isn’t true. For an example, almost every unit in Wyoming, excluding some of the eastern units, will produce book heads. After saying that, however, some states will grow bigger trophy bucks overall then others. I still believe it’s due to several factors like vegetation and severity of winters. The first key to finding a true trophy buck is hunting the same area year after year. First, you need to know the country you’re hunting and then when the stars align just right you will be right there to take advantage of that great year for horn growth. Second, use the information in my book to pick a good unit. Third, implement the tactics and strategies I write bout in my book to find that one-in-a-thousand buck antelope D-I-Y.


I have been getting some great emails from hunters that have read the antelope book. Here are a few I’ve gotten in the past week.

Mike Eastman,

I just wanted to say thank you for writing and publishing your new book

“Hunting Trophy Antelope”.  Our family owns a large ranch/farm in Montana

that butts up against antelope area 80 in Wyoming.  I have archery antelope

hunted in Montana for the last 11 years and now I am compelled to add

archery antelope hunting in Wyoming to my yearly adventures.  I enjoyed the

book, and I appreciate the fact that you did not try to sell me on what

equipment I should be hunting with, but spent your writing time sharing

great points and experiences that can be put to use, saving me years of trial

and error.

Thank you again!

Jack Walker


Please let Mike Eastman know that I truly enjoyed his latest book on

Antelope hunting, a book like this was long overdue in my opinion and I have

read it with great interest, Also I appreciate the fact that the book is

based on real life information and not an ongoing commercial trying to sell

the latest camo or gizmo of the week. Again Thank you Mike for a quality

product that will help me and my hunting in the future. Chad Lowery

I sure like to hear feedback from people who have read the book e-mail me at mike@easmans.com.

Take a hike and check out your pack before fall hunting ©Mike Eastman

Now is the time to look over your equipment and fill in the holes. In my antelope book I have a section on getting your pack and equipment ready for the antelope buck stock. A lot of hunters purchase new equipment and don’t test it out before the hunt. However, I take my new equipment out during the slow time of the year and test it on field trips to make sure I know what equipment is in every pocket and that it functions the way I expected it to do.

This is my Antelope hunting pack ready for the fall

Whether its hunting for dropped antlers or taking a day-trip to take photos of the great outdoors, take your hunting backpack and have some spring outdoor fun while preparing for your fall hunting trip. Mike Eastman

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  1. Excellent article. Too many hunters go to the field unprepared, whether they are hunting antelope, elk , deer, moose, bear, etc. I especially like you Antelope hunting pack.

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