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65 LBS! Testing Pop Up 38 Load Carry – Mystery Ranch Backpack Review

In this backpack review, Scott Reekers tests the heavy hauling ability of the redesigned Pop Up 38 backpack by Mystery Ranch. Known for durable and tough backpacks, Mystery Ranch takes their innovative pop up frame system another level with this redesign. Designed as a day pack, but with the Overload Shelf System, Scott finds the Pop Up 38 to be plenty big for a 2 or 3-day backcountry trip too! This backpack could be just what you need for this hunting season.

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  1. Brother in law purchased this pack at an rmef banquet. strapped it on the first morning of an elk hunt and the waist strap pulled off when he tightened it. Since it was only a daypack, he pressed on because the pack still carried the weight fine. We got lucky and got an elk that morning. Once the pack was loaded, we made it about 1/2 mile before a load lifter strap tore out. We tied that in place to keep going and one of the pop-up supports broke off. We ended up packing his contents into the two others on that trip. He went back to camp and got his $100 Alps frame to pack the second load.

    Mystery ranch did step up and replaced the pack with his choice from their entire line once they got the pack and saw how this pack failed in 3 different spots. This had to be a fluke but i would never recommend this pack if you plan to carry any significant weight. I will stress that Mystery Ranch did make it right for him.

    • If This pack failed so badly why is Eastmans endorsing it? They seem to endorse anything when advertising dollars are in the line. I’ve never seen a bad review in eastmans. It’s about time they told the truth. After all, if not the anything they print is questionable.

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