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2020 SHOT Show Roundup



  • Field Optics Research – Microlite FT-5017C

I’m always looking to cut space and weight in the backcountry and this is exactly why this tripod caught my eye. Upon handling it, the quality stood out to me. Precisely machined components and carbon legs all orchestrated with twist leg locks. This tripod weighs 1.74 lbs that folds down to 12-inches and extends solidly out to 50-inches. Load capacity is 26 lbs., perfect for your spotting scope or camera (with a fluid head). This is the most compact, lightweight tripod I’ve seen so be sure to take a closer look at www.fieldopticsresearch.com MSRP $199.99


  • Versacarry – Shoulder Holster 

Here’s another tool that I am always looking to improve on. How I carry a sidearm in grizzly country. I have a Kimber .10mm and a S&W 66, .44 mag. I think the most important part of carrying a sidearm in the backcountry is comfort. If the way you carry your gun isn’t comfortable it’s more likely going to end up in your backpack and unreachable in the heat of the moment. This shoulder holster has a very natural flexible feel, not like normal leather. In fact it is vegetable tanned water buffalo hide. I was shocked when I heard that! It’s easily the most comfortable yet strong shoulder holster I’ve tried. And most importantly, it fits under my bino harness and under my backpack shoulder straps making for the perfect carry location that is readily available if a situation arises. www.versacarry.com MSRP $159.99


  • New 40’ Counter Assault Bear Spray

This product was released about a year ago but this is the first I have seen it. When it comes to bear spray in the backcountry, I always have it with me. However, I do prefer a pistol on some occasions because of the “mist-like” spray can be detrimental to oneself or ineffective if used in windy conditions, i.e open country such as Wyoming and Montana. This new version of Counter Assault is what I call a game changer. As the title suggests, this new formula of bear spray gives you a 40’ effective range for 8-seconds. In addition, this new formula is more of a stream and less of a spray, so it will buck the wind better than traditional spray. This will be my new go-to in grizzly country this fall. www.counterassault.com MSRP $59.99




  • Savage Model 110 Ultralite

Every year we see many new rifles from various manufacturers. This year, the Savage Model 110 Ultralite is what caught my attention out of all the new consumer rifles out there. I’m a very practical guy so I like practical equipment at sensible consumer prices. Savage took their famous blueprinted 110 action and teamed up with PROOF Research to create the 110 Ultralite. PROOF barrels are known to be the best in the game for accuracy and dependability. The same goes for the Savage 110 action. This rifle is light in the hand (5.85 lbs, 280 AI) and balances superbly and will no doubt be a gem to pack in the field. I’ve tested and loaded ammo for many Savage rifles and have never had one that will not shoot MOA so my expectations are high for this new rifle. And best of all, you get a rifle with premium components at the affordable price of less than $1500. This may be the best value for a rifle in 2020! www.savagearms.com 


  • CRKT Homefront Knife

This model knife really caught our attention at SHOT Show. Although this knife was released a couple years ago, it stands out as a high quality blade that is completely field stripable in seconds. With the intent to look like your great-grandpa’s WW1 folding knife, it is packed with the highest quality components. The body is aircraft grade aluminum and the blade is AUS 8 stainless steel. This steel has excellent stainless capabilities and takes more time to put an edge on, but it keeps the edge longer than most quality knives you’ll encounter.

This multipurpose knife comes apart with the flick of a lever and a dozen turns on the release wheel on the back of the handle. Just like that, the handle and blade comes completely apart for easy and thorough cleaning after your field dressing. MSRP $150 www.crkt.com


  • Spartan Sentinel Tripods

Shooting tripods have come a long way the past few years and Spartan Precision has made an absolutely awesome series of tripods called the Sentinel. There are three sizes in the Sentinel line, the woodland, the mountain, and mini. Ranging from 11 oz in the mini to the large woodland weighing 54.6 oz. They are built with carbon fiber legs and aircraft quality aluminum joints with steel hardwear. The twistlock extendable legs are simple and sleek following suit with the rest of the components. These are truly built with the finest materials. As you can imagine these can be used in many different ways. The tripod can conveniently be attached to your rifle with a magnet. Or you can remove a single leg and have a bipod, or finally, detach two legs and you have a monopod. On top of that, the detached legs can be used as walking sticks as well. High quality products like these come with a premium price as the mini, mountain, and woodland models run $568, $887, and $958 respectively. I know that’s a lot of money, but with the quality build and warranty offered, these products are designed to last a lifetime. www.javelinbipod.com

  1. Stone Glacier SkyDome 6p

Stone Glacier has always been a company that makes premium products and they made a splash last year in the tent market. During my excursions the last couple falls I exclusively used the Skyscraper 2p tent. These tents are 4 season tents built with ventilation and warmth in mind. This year they have released the SkyDome 6p dome tent. As the name suggests this is a 6 person tent with a maximum height of 6’ 4”. The round design makes it resistant to wind and heavy snow loads. The floor area is 107 sq. ft. and has a removable floor as well. The SkyDome also is compatible with a stove which makes this tent liveable like a wall tent at a fraction of the weight. This is another quality product from Stone Glacier, coming in the summer of 2020. www.stoneglacier.com

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