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200″ Typical Mule Deer Hunt

Mike Eastman is no stranger to hunting big mule deer! He hunted them as a young boy in Wyoming’s high country and has been hunting and filming bucks in the sage brush country for just as long. Press play to see how this hunt unfolds and hear why this is one of his favorite hunts of all time in some of Wyoming’s finest mule deer habitat!

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  1. Mike where can I go to find a big buck like that??

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      The best place to start is with a subscription and searching through the MRS. A 200 in buck is possible in just about every region in western Wyoming, but it takes a lot of work to find them.

      Good luck this fall!

  2. I assume that was a private land hunt

  3. Yes, private land. Their friend Wendell’s place. They have shot a ton of big bucks off his place.

  4. well I guess this type of hunt is not in my cards then!!!

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