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169 Inches of snow!

Big Wolf in front of me As I was sledding to Cook City.

We had 26 inches of snow hit use from Saturday thru this Friday with 169 inches of the flakes hitting the ground so far this winter! Winter! Its spring isn’t it? Went sledding to Cook City and run into big wolf track just above my house. He meet up with a smaller tracked wolf a female probably. It’s breeding season for the wolves. That’s all I need is more wolfs around the place. With the hard crust on the snow wolves can run down elk and deer pretty easily this time of year.

Wolf above the house on my sledding trail.
That is a big track!

A Red Fox is hanging around the house. Bertie give him a few snacks. I wish he would go after the mouse under the deck. However he just sits on the snow bank waiting for my wife to come out with a snack. Before this last snow the weather got warm and my road fell out. Couldn’t get my 4-wheel Toyota down the road!  I bet I had 2 and half feet of snow build up on the road from the winter plowing. The old ranger couldn’t push it so I got a front end loader to move the slushy stuff!

Foxy next to the deck waiting for Bertie to come out with snack.
The Ranger can’t handle the 2 1/2 feet of slushy snow front end loader time!

Didn’t draw in Arizona I have 15 points! It’s a race between me getting enough points to draw and getting to old to hunt. Looking forward to Wyoming’s draw for antelope in the summer and a special elk unit. Working on a new mule deer book, will have it done by Christmas hopefully. Getting cabin fever pretty good but Bertie is still in the snow machine riding kick so no Florida fishing for me this winter. Hey,I should have her do some shoveling and plowing of snow. That could make her think of get out of the snow for a little Florida sun. Right!

That’s all for now! Good luck in the draws. Mike

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