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Youth Get 1st Shot at Colorado Leftovers

Youth hunters, listen up! Interested in a big game draw where youth ages 12-17 have total preference for Colorado big game licenses? These are not youth licenses; they are regular big game licenses.

That’s right. Colorado’s new secondary draw for licenses left over from the first draw is accepting applications June 5 to July 7. It replaces the old leftover draw and the State decided to give youth applicants total preference over adults. The draw is open to everyone whether they applied in the first draw or not. In addition to deer and elk licenses it also now includes pronghorn and bear.

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  1. WOW! That’s actually really cool for youth hunters and getting the next gen involved in elk hunting. I totally support this.

  2. Johnney Wildfilger

    Exactly ! Great for my Boyz now they can draw tags with no effort! We are working with both boys to come up with a future virtual hunt experience for their generation ! If they can someday use a Phone app to show exact locations and then get legislation to use unmanned aerial vehicles to scout is our dream for their future. They now both have Sig System with a scope, range finder and numerous Apps that takes the silly guess work out of distance and shooting solution. No more wasted time shooting endless rounds and each time out it’s been an easy long range kill – the excitement on their face was worth every penny spent ! Got their Sitka and Kuiu gear at at a discount and both outfitted for less then 3K ! Just gotta search for the deals ! Things are looking up for the youth and we have technology to thank !

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