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Wyoming Preference Points on Sale Now

If you didn’t apply for the Wyoming draw this year or you forgot to click the box to receive a preference point, all is not lost.You have until September 30th to buy a preference point for the 2014 big game draw. Wyoming residents can only purchase moose and sheep points at a rate of $7.00. However, nonresidents of Wyoming Game and Fish website is: https://wgfd.wyo.gov/elsapplication/ELSWelcome.aspx. I highly recommend that you purchase a preference point for deer, elk and antelope each and every year in Wyoming. Also, please note that you can only receive one preference point or a tag per species per calendar year in Wyoming.

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  1. George Machado

    You can buy Points? Really? So the ability to hunt is going to the highest bidder. What a crock.

    You can buy points? Really. So hunting is going to the highest bidder. That’s messed up. What about the poor bastard that’s trying to put food on the table? Somebody in the Gov. employee chain needs a spankin.

    What about the poor bastard that’s trying to put food on the table? Somebody in the Gov. Employee chain is messed up. George Machado

  2. If you are trying to put food on the table, you don’t need to be competing for the most highly sought after units in the state that are managed, you probably are better served getting doe tags in easy to draw units. If you want to argue about govenors tags you have more of a leg to stand on, but prefernce points are the fairest way to allocate a limited resource where demand exceeds supply.

  3. Not to mention the fact that there are a ton of areas that you can get two doe tags in addition to buying a general license over the counter.

  4. I am so tired of seeing pics of “great hunters” with easy no skill gamefarm kills! as in Arizona and other draw outs a child can take trophies in these areas its shamefull! and there you all so proud! Try it on your own with no guide. That is a real worthy hunter honerably entered into Pope and Young or Boone and Crocket. Animals taken by use of guides or these GAMEFARM areas should have there own listed catagory. Do it right for the right reason!

  5. Pay attention before you comment. One point per year. Being rich has nothing to do with points. Being smart does.If you need to feed your family that bad sell your gun and all of your hunting gear. Its way cheaper to buy from the store.

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