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Up A Creek… 400″ Deep

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Unless you live under a rock, which I have seriously contemplated in this social media driven world, chances are you have noticed that a few people have fallen from grace in the hunting world.

Jeremie Lewis quickly developed a following on Instagram with the screen name @wyohighcountry and @highcountryhuntress. He claimed to be a good hunter and seemed to have trophies that elevated him in the minds of many people including a bull he killed in the fall of 2015. This was until rumblings started on social media that his bull, Mr. T as he named him, was actually a high fence bull shot in Idaho, not in Wyoming on public land.

He went so far as to create a YouTube video about the hunt, kill shot and all. But many holes in the story didn’t add up to a public land bull. The biggest red flag is the sound of a train in the background running its horn, meaning that he wasn’t as far back as he was leading people to believe.

Eventually someone used an Instagram profile called @highfencehunter to heckle Jeremie. Several creative memes from @highfencehunter and responses from @wyohighcountry claiming he killed the bull in a wilderness area in Idaho put the last nail in his social media followings’ coffin.

Within a few days of the first memes showing up his Facebook, Instagram, and website were all disbanded. His fall happened almost as fast as his rise in social media. He isn’t the only public figure, even though he was only on social media, to experience a backlash.


Theresa Vail recently plead guilty to killing two grizzly bears in Alaska when she only had one tag. The outfitter she was working with is likely going to lose his livelihood over the ugly incident. They claim it was a case of mistaking the second bear for one she had already legally shot. However, when the truth came out officials in Alaska discovered that the outfitter had acquired a second tag after they found two dead bears.

Sadly, if Vail and the outfitter had simply admitted to a mistake the consequences would have been much smaller, but because they weren’t honest from the outset about the incident the consequences will be much worse. The same could probably be said for Jeremie. The biggest beef people had was not that he killed a high fence bull, but that he pumped himself up as a strictly public land hunter, then lied about where and how he killed the bull to build his following.

We don’t believe in high fence hunting, never have and never will. However, we do believe in integrity and hope that as a whole we can look at these incidents and see that no selfie, Instagram, Facebook post, YouTube video or any other social media venue is worth sacrificing your integrity for. We should all remember that every time we take the time to take a selfie!


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Ike Eastman is the President of Eastmans’ Publishing and oversees the daily operations of Eastmans’ Hunting TV, Eastmans’ Hunting and Bowhunting Journals, Eastmans’ Live Events including the Trophy Deer Tour, films in the fall and is hands-on in all facets of the company. Ike’s hunting knowledge and expertise has been shaped by more than 25 years of pursuing trophy big game across most of North America.

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The letter below came through my email this morning. I’ll not divulge who wrote it …


  1. Stupid is as stupid does— per Forrest Gump’s Mother— these stunts qualify for that !

  2. Falling from grace?? Cmon You guys really need to report on stories that have some meaning. My social media grew from sharing others successes and helping others in the industry not just my successes. And did it at no cost, rather then charge people to read about my hunt. You compair me to a lady who illegally killed to bears In Alaska to get a full story?? Im sure you have better things to talk about or least I hope. Maybe turn your focus towards people out doing illegal acts or putting wildlife at risk. Not what horn was blowing during my legal hunt. Public, private, fenced or off your back porch, we’re all hunters. I don’t agree on how you guys do things but I keep my opinion to myself, you guys should try the same. Or least quit charging people to read this crap. And FYI my social media is up and going great. Unlike this story were actually doing some good in the sport by donating a youth elk hunt this fall. I’ll send you that story least it has meaning. But I’m sure you won’t share that cause it former put me down.

    • No jeremy you have no integrity,you are a liar,I wouldnt allow you near our youth,your a sorry excuse for a Hunter,your a farse and a fraud.This has great meaning cause people actually looked up to you(why I have no clue)you likely received free goods,which in reality you stole,and you were likely going to try and enter your pet elk in Boone and Crockett.You give hunters a bad name and the story that followed yours….your no better.The Noel Feather of the New era

    • Jeremie, After attempting to read your reply to the “story” you told… I’m leaning toward I.Q. tests for hunting privileges and any other form of licensing for you and other slobs of your sort.

      • Ernie Turybury took the words right out of my mouth. Jeremie really needs to ask someone to proof read his writing before he posts it because it’s so full of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors that at best it makes him look uneducated and at worst unintelligent.

        However, writing ability aside, after reading Jeremie’s posting here, I am going to diagnose him Narcissistic Personality Disorder (check Wikipedia for details).

        I’m willing to cut Theresa Vail a little bit of slack. She’s definitely guilty, but I think we should remember that she’s a relatively inexperienced hunter and I think she was given some bad advice by a dishonest outfitter. It’s called “mitigating circumstances”.

        • Ms Vail had bad advice & goofed up. The phony hunting mess with Lewis is not much different than the pet peeve I have with G & F Depts. & B & C too— the “fair chase” outrages of alleged “hunters” who buy TAX DEDUTIBLE Special (501(c)3) Permits, Govenors Tags, Etc, then due to their wealth hire teams of guides that cover the state, (by land & air ) areas, whatever, to find the biggest & highest scoring B & C trophy to enter into B & C All Time Records Book for their GLORY & FAME & Windy stories about the events!!! They — the ” hunters” then just show up & get first crack at these animals in most cases too before anyone else— this is nothing but glorified legal poaching with a tax deduction to add insult to injury to legal hunters that play by the rules— points, seasons, methods, etc. I know these situations to be FACT. I had a guide in a SW State tell me he “was tired of riding in helicopters” to scout for huge elk antelope for a well know hunter who had bought these type tags, & the air time was unlimited for him, & likely other guides too, not certain of that one. Question:: This is Fair Chase Trophy Hunting ?? Where is your Special Permit ? I keep looking but cannot find it, would not use if I had one, unless a Random Raffle Tag I won , that is legit ! The entire mess is totally disgusting— I know the arguments, funds for Wildlfe, salaries for G & F, etc., why not just raise the licenses , fees, etc on every hunter, sportsman— not cater to the egos & bank accounts of the rich guys. Answer: G & F does not have the courage to do it right & back door us all this way !

    • You are a liar. Get off your high horse, give thanks and acknowledge to the ranch you harvested the bull from. Come on Jeremie, stop being a tool for once in your life.

    • Jeremy you are a joke I was going to write a comment but you made me bust out laughing comparing yourself to real back country hunters!!!! You wouldn’t last one morning hunt with me!!! Why don’t you go take some pictures of sports illustrated models and say that they are your girlfriends!!! Lol u need to find a new hobby where lying is praised!!!! I would say maybe we will cross paths but I don’t hunt from an office!!!! Lmfao and I’m sure I speak for all hunters when I say just drift away and disappear!!!! As history has shown bragging on social media isn’t always for the best!!!! Especially for little lying wanna be hunters like you!!!!!

    • Jeremy, “report on stories with meaning”. That is your problem, you don’t get the meaning of fair chase, back country hunting. I have spent my life hunting the backcountry of Wyoming. Wilderness is what I live for, what gives myself and many others “meaning” in what we do. You make a mockery of it and shrug it off. You cast a doubt over those of us that are real hunters. Please do not call yourself a hunter and try to pull up a stump at our campfire. You are not welcome.

    • You’re an idiot Jeremie.

    • You’re just lying now. You stole more pictures from people and posted them without giving credit than you did promoting. You wanted the popularity to your page so you could sell your merchandise, based on a lie. You’d delete the comments and block people for calling you out on it. You’re a coward who still can’t even admit to the bull.

      • I was blocked months ago for calling him out. As a woman who filled two elk tags without a guide or year-round surveillance, I am glad to see a phony fall from unearned “fame”.

    • Awesome youth high fence hunt giveaway!!!!!!! Please spread the word so we can have our youth hunters start on the right track high fencin em!!!!!! Giddddddddyup!

    • Rowdy Dowdy, Jeremie Lewis, Hillary Clinton…they are all the same to me.

    • Jeremy, you are filthy liar, and like most filthy liars you continue to lie. You have no credibility. Garbage like you need to be weeded out of the hunting community and be removed. You would still be perpetuating your lie if you had not been caught. What a POS you are.

    • You’re a fricken joke dude, no real hunter has your back on this. You and other posers out there can support each other, they’ll wear your “gear” too lol

    • Jeremie Lewis. There is meaning to this story.. you shouldn’t even begin to call yourself a hunter.leave hunting to the real men. To go that far to create some story about that beautiful bull being killed on public in Idaho when in real life you paid big $$ to come in and basically have a guarantee hunt(High fence) . Its people like you that pay thousands to hunt on private land w/ guides that watch the elk year round and hunt high fence areas that discused me!! You must be a terrible hunter if you have to pay thousand of dollars to have your TROPHY picture. Go find better ways to get popular and stay out of Colorado!!!

  3. Richard Dorchuck

    Jeremy how about u pay me the 1000.00 bucks you owe me. Richard Dorchuck We can work it out at the show

  4. Jeremy, don’t try and make the eastmans look bad, they’ve earned their spot and continue to earn their place through hard work and dedication. Not through lying or deceiving others. You are no sportsman, you shame us all.

  5. My god does he not get why people are pissed off! He thinks what he did was nothing wrong with it. I don’t care that he killed that bull in a high fence. Don’t be a poser! All he cares about is the image and he will never change. He will cheat, lie, or do anything else to make himself something he is not. In my eyes he will never be a true sportsmen! It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on instagram because I bet all his followers don’t know the real p.o.s that he is.

  6. It seems to me that Jeremie Lewis is trying to build a career on a mountain of lies. And maybe it’s just me, but there is nothing I hate more than a liar…the one exception being a thief. If this dweeb took any money or gifts from sponsors then he would qualify as being both a liar and a thief. Good job Jeremie….you are a multi-tasker.

  7. Wow! None of this surprises me at all. Now everyone gets to know him the way his hometown does. Sad thing is he is still getting what he wants……ATTENTION!!!!!!!!

  8. HE HE, Friend of mine went on a hog hunt on a preserve. Within the preserve were penned whitetails, one of which went about 200″.
    As he was leaving, he heard a guy from some hunting show was coming in to shoot that buck!
    That’s why I only watch a couple shows, and read a very select group of magazines. There are many frauds out there, and we should single them out whenever we can.

  9. The lying about it was the problem. (I have killed tons of critters from Cape buffalo to moose by fair chase. My knees aren’t what they used to be, so the mountain and all rugged hunts are probably over for me. I unapologetically show my hunting friends the 300 class bull I killed in a high fenced preserve an hour from my home. I have about 250 pounds of boned out elk meat that I butchered myself. I share that with meat with friends and family. This guy should not lie about it. I respect the hard core backcountry guys like Eastmans who still can get out there and do it. I respect the guys who are not physically able, but who would rather eat elk than beef killed in a slaughterhouse. I don’t respect liars in the field or in the magazines, or the hunting shows or the white house.

  10. I was deeply saddened to read about Ms. Vail. To be so privileged to earn living hunting. Taking a second bear illegally is poaching. Most of us will never be able to hunt these beers because of the price tag associated. It will be interesting to see if she retains her positions with her sponsors

  11. Hunters are all the same!!! LOL that’s funny, that’s like saying we are all the same because we’re humans and we breathe air there are jerk humans just like there are pieces of shit hunters there’s rapist there’s murderers their child molesters and that’s as far as the hunting communitiie goes is all you are…. You’re the same type of jerk that cheats on his wife that steals from stores and has no moral compass!!!

  12. Well said Ike! Public land DIY is the only way I hunt. It’s sad that people would go this far to be cool and like by many. FYI there are still a lot of guys like this jeremie guy on Instagram and Facebook.

  13. He just doesn’t get it, everything he’s done in the past is gone!

  14. Jeremy, You became a social media king by Lying, cheating, and stealing everyone elses pictures. Anyone in the world could have done what you did, but some people have ethics and morals to keep. Some of us don’t like taking glory for other peoples pictures and posts. You were the first one to steal every picture of a buck or bull out there, so many people had to follow you to get all the updates combined into one account. Nobody actually likes you, people followed you to see others pics, not your lame womens seat pants and stupid shirts. Your dumb swivel mount is ridiculous, anyone can put a hinge on a wall. Get over yourself you idiot! You deserve every comment on here.

  15. Jeremie, You are a joke plain and simple. You used your instagram to grow your name and tried to make money off of it. You dont do any good. How many hours and days did you spend making up your lies? You put together “scouting” videos saying you were following that bull waiting and waiting for the opener. That takes time, effort, and complete disregard for hunting ethics and hardcore DIY hunters would never attempt to fake a story like you have. The only good thing going for you, is that nobody will ever believe in the B.S. you say anymore because you finally got CAUGHT! Thats great your IG is up and going again, cause its pretty easy to make yourself feel good when you delete any comment and person that calls you out for the disgrace you are. Good luck in life little guy

  16. Jeremie, you need to just lay low man. What did you think you were going to accomplish by bashing Eastman? You have absolutely ZERO credibility right now. Just run your page and focus on repairing your broken reputation and relationships. What you said on here only validated the way that everyone feels about you right now.

  17. Best part of it… It took him 2 days to kill Mr. T in a high fence hunting preserve 🙂

  18. Humility will be your best friend right now.

  19. "Slept under a tree last night"

    Hey Jeremie, maybe you should do like you did with your social media and stay private. You can’t help but show your carrector every time you talk.

  20. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Jeremie screen shot this article and post it to his Instagram. I guess he thought that because he admitted to his horrible lie that people would just say oh it’s ok everyone makes mistakes. Amazingly some people did! This guy is a fake. Always has been always will be. I could see it from the time I started following him. When people made comments calling him out he would just delete them, happened to me several times. You are a liar and a cheater Jeremie, it took some balls to make something up like you did. This isn’t something you can just shake off and continue on with your fake Instagram and stupid frickin yoga pant sales

  21. I’m from Jeremie’s hometown, and there isn’t one good thing said about him. He would brag about his Instagram fame, his “hunts” the free product from companies he obviously bsed and lied to. Those who know him, know he is a fraud and a liar. DO NOT TRUST JEREMIE LEWIS!

  22. I think the only reason why he still has the followers that he has, is because everyone is following him for humor LOL I know I am. The guy is nothing but a joke and a phoney.

  23. The trophy mounts he brags about are probably sheds he bought, then claimed he hunted himself lol and you’re absolutely right Mike, most people are more than likely just following him on IG for good humor lol I know I am!

    • All the horns he has of deer are all re creations. He stills owes Richard Dorchuck money for a re creation. To get stuff like that you would have to put in time to get and Germy doesn’t put his time in. He is a Flake,fake,bser,liar and will never be what he says he is. He might as well stay in the tanning bed and pluck his eye brows. I love all these comments.. keep them coming!!!

  24. Richard Bartlett

    Interestingly enough, there is a high fenced operation outside of Montpelier, Idaho within spitting distance of Union Pacific tracks. Hmmm.

  25. I called B.S. from day one when I first seen the pictures of the infamous Mr. T because I knew he killed another big bull on a high fenced hunt a few years back and knew he would be the type of individual to try and pull a stunt like this. I am guessing he killed this last bull on the same Ranch which I am pretty sure the elk came from White Peaks Ranch and they hunt the elk on a guys land north of Montpelier… (golightlyelkhunts.com)…I think is the outfitter. It looks like his bull cost him about $12,000.00 based on White Peaks pricing list for a 400 inch bull…hell he could of went on a good Caribou/Moose hunt in Alaska for that price and had a real hunt! He also owes my horn buyer for a big set of deer sheds that he has and never paid for and I am sure they are mounted in house along with another B.S. story on how he killed it in the Wyoming High Country….real honest guy! Wow!

  26. This dude is a clown. High fence hunts, untrustworthy, lying and promoting “Hot Huntresses” is what he’s about.

  27. I dont know whos worse, “OHIOBOONERS” from archerytalk or this tool-clown who got caught up in his own delusions of grandure. Oh wait,, they are both loosers who got outed lying on sm pages.

  28. Jeremie dressed and acted like a gang banger in high school, he even had 2pac on his cars licence plate. I also don’t remember him ever hunting in high school, so his claim of a life long passion of hunting is B.S. Jeremie is and has always been a poser.

  29. I guess I do live under a rock! Jeremy Lewis? Never heard of her! I’m too busy living my life the way I choose. Every animal I kill, I eat. Therefore, every animal is a trophy to me. I cancelled every magazine subscription and I don’t watch hunting shows on tv, because they are all driven by narcissistic ego maniacs. That is not entertaining at all. If I want a real hunting show, I go to the woods.

  30. ^^^ I don’t agree with that at all. There are those shows like that “Wild Game Nation” which absolutely sickens me! BUT… There are some great shows out there that really portrays the sport as a good image.

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