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Trophy Mule Deer Hunt With Mike Eastman

Eastmans’ Hunting Journals founder Mike Eastman heads to the arid sagebrush hills of southwest Wyoming on a hunt that has been a tradition for many years. The goal is to harvest a trophy mule deer buck that has it all. Eastman is a connoisseur of all things mule deer, and he won’t squeeze the trigger until he finds just the right buck with all of the traits that he is looking for. With his son and Eastmans’ Hunting Journals Publisher Guy Eastman behind the camera, Mike harvests a 28inch wide buck with two inline tines and character that die hard mule deer hunters love. Give this video a watch and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to have every video delivered to your inbox!


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  1. Mike, what unit were you hunting in I have 5pts and would like to hunt an area similar to this. Thanks mark haines

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