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Take a Hunting Survey, Get a Free DVD and a Huge Discount!

Hunting mule deer has become a yearly competition with the Eastmans’. Guy and Ike compete with Mike, their Dad to harvest the biggest buck. In the DVD, Mule Deer Terminus Part B – you can watch all of their hunts and find out who brings home the biggest buck. The DVD also includes successful hunts with Guy’s wife, Rinda, a former military serviceman, and the Eastmans’ Hunt Winner in Montana harvesting mature bucks.


Fill out the survey and we’ll send you the DVD. Did we mention that you will also get a coupon for a major discount with one of our advertisers when you finish?


We appreciate you taking the time to do so! Thanks and happy hunting… or scouting until then!


9 Trophy Mule Deer Hunts
3 Bucks Over 200 B&C
203 B&C ID Public Land DIY Giant
The Search for the Illusive 200…
States Hunted: CO, ID, MT & WY

noun, plural termini
[tur-muh-nuh s]

1. the end or extremity of anything
2. the point toward which anything tends; goal or end.
3. a boundary or limit.

Hunt the top four western mule deer states. Tag along as three giant 200-inch bucks are tagged. Learn tips, tactics and tricks to finding and hunting big mule deer bucks. Join in the annual Eastman family mule deer hunt.

We find ourselves at the end of a long trail. We’ve run the gauntlet, tasted the sweetest success and swallowed the hardest failures. Our lungs are scorched and legs galvanized by extreme terrain. Do you have what it takes for one more push? That last attempt at 200″ or nothing? If you so dare, continue along in this last installment of mule deer terminus where we pack out three bucks over 200 B+C and hunt the four cornerstone states of WY, CO, MT and ID.


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