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Saving Hunting History! Roger Selner – The Trophy Whisperer

Eastmans’ family friend and trophy tour pioneer Roger Selner measured more big game trophies in his lifetime than any Boone & Crockett scorer. He traveled the country with his elk and deer tours for over 30 years covering one million miles. Known as the “trophy whisperer” and Uncle Rog to those who knew him best, Roger Selner left us in December 2020. He will be sorely missed.

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  1. Roger (Rog) Selnar was a special man and a lifelong friend. He would come back to Michigan from Montana hunts with big white tail bucks from the Swan Valley with his hunting buddy Art Leach. He would score those and any bucks us local boys would bring him at the local watering hole .
    He got me hunting in Montana and have shared a lot of good hunts and camps with him.
    He also gave me my first Eastman hunting magazine to read and I bought a subscription right away and haven’t stopped. That was over 30 years ago.
    He was a true giver and had a special laugh and personality.
    Rest in peace buddy -(miss you already.

    Mike Rasch

  2. Sorry to hear of his passing. Met Roger in the late 90’s In Oregon touring his elk tour. Learned a lot along the way when we following the sportsman shows and helping with getting the 1st edition of the Oregon Record Book of the ground. Spent several late nights helping him load out his trailer to get him on the road. What a privilege that was!! RIP

  3. Kevin Neil Schwinkendorf

    I’m sorry to hear of Roger Selner’s passing. I met him at one of his Trophy Deer Tour visits to the Sportsman’s Warehouse in Kennewick, WA years ago. We talked for a bit about a really nice 4×4 Columbia Blacktail trophy buck my brother got back in the 1970s. He sure seemed like a really nice guy.

  4. Janice Coleman

    I just found out about Rogers’s passing on my trip to MT. Roger would bring the Eastman trailer to Tupelo, MS. To the Sportsman’s Bonanza. He was really congenial and everyone loved him. Several years ago he took my son down the Yellowstone River around Livingston. What a memorable day! He will be missed RIP Roger!❤️

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