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Response to Mike’s North Dakota Lectures

Hot Topics - Mike EastmanA letter from Darrin, an attendee of Mike’s North Dakota Lectures.

Thank you so much for coming to Grand Forks. Those I spoke to were very impressed with your lecture. This was absolutely great information that I could have listened to for several more hours. Eastmans’ is first class in

many regards. I can’t say enough about what you guys do. I have every TV show recorded on my digital recorder. Some shows I have watched over and over. It seems like every time I pick up one of your journals I learn something new. On another note Mike, I really don’t’ understand your treatment and poor time slots on the Outdoor Channel. So many shows now are on private ranches that haven’t been hunted and guys are shooting deer like shooting a turkey or a pig. I’ve really have had it with shows like that.

I mean really how much skill does it take to sit in a tower stand and shoot bucks on a private ranch under a feeder. Your shows are just so much better than that!!!!!

I am having my ‘Legends‘ print framed, matted and placed my work space. Also I am really pumped to try out the Francs Peak area for my first high country mule deer. I’ve got some great pics of some nice bucks in
that area. Thanks again for coming and please say thanks to your wife for being such a nice gal. Good luck in South Dakota too.

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