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Ram Tough!

A Big Horn Sheep fight to remember
Let me set this up. I located two mature rams beating up on a single ram. When I showed up I could see the single rams’ horn on the driver side had been chipped extensively. Unfortunately I was a ways away but still got several marginal photos. The two other rams were just hammering him from not only the front but also the side.
After one violent hit from the side and front by both rams suddenly he was missing his horn on the driver side! All that was left was the core which also had its end broken off!



After the battle I walked over to where they had been fighting and found the blown off horn!


50 years of wondering out here in the west this is a first for me. Watching a ram blow off his horn in a fight.


Two days later I found him 4 miles up the creek running other ewes and still butting heads with other rams! This shows the powerful instinct of the sheep rut.
As the sun was going down, I found two more rams battling for dominance of a hot ewe. The sheep rut here in Wyoming is always full of banging-head action!

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