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Pistol VS. Bear Spray???

Hunter and backcountry hiker and all around outdoorsman Dan Pickar discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using bear spray or a pistol for defense when recreating in grizzly bear country. Each tool has benefits depending on the situation and what your preferences may be as a hunter. What is your preference? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Pick your choice but mine is definitely is .40 caliber or above handgun I personally carry a S&W Mdl 29

  2. Having been a Master guide in Alaska for 37 years I personally would recommend a large bore hand gun if you are proficient with it and can have a cool head and steady hand in a high stress event such as a bear attack. If you are not that person and are not proficient with firearms I would recommend bear spray. In a hand gun It would need to be .41 mag. minium and the larger magnums are better if you can handle the recoil and still be accurate. Also no hollow points but heavy for caliber solid bullets. With bear spray the only two that I have had experience with and could recommend is U.D.A.P, or Counter Assault.

  3. If you can carry both,,all the better..I have a .44 mag Taurus

  4. Anthony W. Weber

    I carry both, have a 44mag but am considering at semi auto 10mm with more rounds available than my revolver

  5. Handgun, make sure you have plenty of training rounds downrange. Its much easier to train for a defense situation with a handgun than spray, and second nature response is key in any stressful situation. 10mm Glocks are rapidly becoming the choice of professionals because of high capacity without reload and quick deployment when necessary. Whatever you choose, practice is the key be confident in your skill set, just like your weapon of choice for your hunt.

  6. Glock 29sf (10+1), lightweight, smooth trigger and it always goes BANG! Practice, Practice, Practice regardless of what you choose to carry. Bears and other predators can cover ground quicker than can be simulated at a the range.

  7. After hunting elk in Grizzly country, you have a new respect for them. I carry both, but, if you are using bear spray, that Grizzly is way to damn close. He can be on you in a heartbeat. I prefer the .357 or .44 Mag, or if your there with a partner, 12 gauge shotgun works well too.

  8. Model 29 Glock SF 10mm with 15 rd mag and grip extension, 220gr hard cast, bear will stop regardless of size. mic drop, nough said

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