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Owner and Governor Tag Raffle

Owner and Governor Tag Raffle

Last week I went down to Salt Lake City for the ISE hunting show and met a lot of big game hunters. The article I wrote in the Feb/March issue titled Hot Topics about land owner and governor tags sold and raffled off to the highest bidder hit a nerve. If you remember, I asked the Eastmans’ Hunting Journal readership what your thoughts on this heated subject was. Well, as you can see by the e-mails below I had a lot of negative responses on the subject.

Here are my two bits on the subject. I don’t mind the Wyoming commissioner and governor tag system because with a commissioner tag you’re required to pick one area. Now with the governor tag the holder can hunt any area that offers 10 or more tags. But here are the two major reasons I don’t mind the Wyoming tag system. First, you have to hunt during the regular season and there are no special dates before or after the general season. Second, the governor and commissioners generally give their tag to worthy nonprofit causes in Wyoming.

As of this writing no one has a good word to say about tags selling to the highest bidder. Is there anyone willing to respond and make a case for the auctioned off special season tags? If so, please respond and I will post it. But if not, why is the hunting community not changing the permit systems? What say you?

On a related subject, I had several hunters complain about the rising price of tags, particularly in Wyoming. I know it’s getting expensive but several reasons are at the root of the steep raise. One that comes to mind is the federal government mandating western states to pick up the tab for the grizzly bear and wolf introduction and management program cost. That has to be several million dollars per year. License fees fund Wyoming’s Fish and Game budget. So let’s see here, the hunter is picking up the tab for wildlife management for species he doesn’t even hunt? Oh, I know it’s not the only reason for the increase in license, but it’s an example of how complex the issues have become. Think about this, you are funding the introduction of species (wolfs) that are taking the place of hunters as a management tool for big game. What’s next, no hunting and then no guns? What say you?

I just came back from my own show lecture tour in western Pennsylvania. The tour went well and I had good crowds. If you would like me to come to your community and do an evening show please drop me a line. I usually do the shows in the winter months. The lecture is a full 2 hours long with video of hunts from the previous fall. Plenty of action and trophy hunts from out West! Not only is it entertaining, but also I personally give information on how to hunt trophy big game. I speak on DIY (Do It Yourself) hunts and how to find good outfitters.

I plan on doing a blog each week and would like to hear from you on any outdoor relative subject or topic. Plus, if you have any questions on hunting, I don’t mind giving you my two bits. Until next time, remember, Fair Chase is the only way to hunt and take trophy big game.

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