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Over 400 Inches!!! DIY Deer Hunting

Hunting for a 200+ inch mule deer is a dream for many hunters! Two Eastmans’ subscribers, sisters Imari and Ellai Black, lived the dream on their fall 2020 deer hunts. Each sister harvested a trophy deer over 200 inches!

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  1. Oh Daddy, he’s so big. . .
    Sorry, but I can’t get too excited for her. I’ve hunted for a zillion years–hard hunts–and never even seen a buck like that. Nope, I’m not even gonna look at her sister’s buck. Oh, and can she be any prettier!? No way do little girls deserve bucks like that. Let her hunt hard and suffer years of disappointments. Then let her hang that buck on the wall. Am I jealous? Yep. I am a long time subscriber of EHJ. I actually hunted (on foot) the Wyoming Range just south of Wyoming Peak–camping near 11,000 ft looking for Popeye. Backpacking and glassing the headwaters of the Greys River. Never found a buck anywhere near 200 inches. Great hunts though. Awesome memories. Now I could be way off base. Maybe she hunted her ass off before killing that buck. Just so you’ll know, My greatest trophies are those most difficult to take. A 200 incher shot in a hayfield doesn’t compare with a small buck on a backpack hunt taken the hard way. Hunting is supposed to be hard. In that respect a spike Coues Whitetail means more to me than a very good mule deer shot from the road.

  2. Gregory Martinez

    i thimk it score 238″

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