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On The Horizon: EBJ81

No. 2 P&Y Wyoming Bison?

Harvesting bison in the state of Wyoming with archery gear was legalized within the last three years, so there’s lots of room to get your name in the books. Thus far, there are only four entries from Teton County, Wyoming with the largest taken by Rick Parish at 116-6/8 P&Y. Brett Ritter’s bison grossed 114 P&Y making it the potential number two in Wyoming. Brett’s bull is supposed to be officially scored this week as the drying period is up. You can read the story of his exciting hunt in EBJ 81 and also find out the official score to see where his bull’s score lands in Wyoming and all-time.

The minimum score for bison was raised from 90” to 100” and as a result most, if not all cows, will not make it into the book. Cows usually have the length but not the mass like bulls. With four circumference measurements, carrying mass along the length of the horn is critical to a high-scoring bison. After a short conversation with Kevin Hisey at Pope and Young and as of this writing, there are no pending bison entries for the current recording period but I am willing to bet Brett is going to change that soon.

For 2014, Wyoming bison applicants will have to front the $2,800 tag cost. See the MRS in EBJ 81 for updated and complete information for bison applications.

Keep up the faith, continue to apply and maybe you’ll soon find yourself chasing a book bison in the Cowboy State.

Icon of the American West

By Brett Ritter

When you think about iconic big game species of the western plains, what comes to mind? For me, it is the American bison. It is the symbol of the Old West and also for the great state that I live in, Wyoming. I’ve always thought that a chance to hunt one of these amazing animals with a bow would be one of the greatest endeavors of one’s hunting career. I had always hoped that I would get the chance to pursue bison; I just didn’t think that with the odds of drawing hovering around 3% it would be this soon …Read more… 

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