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NEW Prime Nexus – 2021 Bow Review

This bow review dives into the new features of G5 Prime’s latest bow, the Nexus. This bow is 50% quieter than the Prime Black series! And a new insulated grip that gets warmer as you hold it. Without trade shows to visit, Dan Pickar decided to visit directly with the engineers at behind this new hunting bow. Prime shooter Jason Matzinger joins to share his experience elk hunting with the Nexus during the 2020 season.

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  1. Lawrence D Ramirez

    How can you get the new Prime Nexus 2021 bow. I am guide and hunter from New Mexico a new pro hunter. I’ve been looking to try a new bow.

    • I would find my local pro shop and get it from there so I have the support I need. Find your nearest prime dealer. Also I would shoot as many different brands I can get my hands on before I would make the investment. Every brand shoots a little different and they change quite a bit. I might like a prime one year and a Matthews the next because they changed some things I like and how it feels.

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