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Meeteetse Run

Well, I have officially run my first trail run this past weekend. One of my buddies, Dave, and I decided to take the challenge at the Absoroka, Meettese Mountain Run. They have set it up with three choices of a 5k, a 10k or the long 15k. The 15k is the one that we chose, what where we thinking? The first 5k was not too bad. The second 5K just about killed me. It was up a trail that climbed about 2,500 feet in about 2 miles. Then we ran along a ridge until we popped out into the bottom of a bowl, that looked like it could be great deer and sheep habitat. Then the last mile was straight down the face of a mountain. It was one of the steepest faces I have ever came off of, on purpose. I definetly didn’t train properly. Next year I will not save as much for the end now that I know what the trail is like. I had a great time and Dave was a huge help. We had some great fun.

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