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Leaving for Mongolia

When I was just a boy, my grandfather gave me a gift, a true gift in disguise, the book, “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” by Theodore Roosevelt. This was the first book I found interesting enough to read cover to cover. It was some pretty heavy reading for a twelve-year-old Wyoming boy, as I had no idea what some of the words were, but I couldn’t put it down once I began the adventure; the adventure of all adventures with the Roosevelt brothers. The year was 1926 and the expedition was to hunt the massive wild sheep, or Poli of Far East Asia.

Our good friend, Fred Trueblood, took this awesome Siberian Ibex in Mongolia a few years back.

Ever since those few winter days in Jackson my goal and ambition has been to hunt the mostly unknown, and certainly foreign reaches of central Asia. Now the time has finally come for us to travel almost half way around the world to check this adventure from “the list.” My father, brother and I will be leaving soon for an adventure that surely will meet or exceed all adventurous expectations. While we certainly cannot afford to hunt the magnificent Poli that Asia holds, we will be hunting his distant cousin the Siberian Ibex that inhabits the Altai mountains of western Mongolia; a handsome specimen in his own right and a wonderful trophy nonetheless.

With high hopes, heavy bags, and an open mind for adventure we soon will embark on the adventure of our lives to this point. If you have any interest in checking in on the hunt be sure to visit the Eastmans’ blog and Facebook page for updates on the progress of the adventure. Good hunting. We should be back in a few short weeks…God willing.

-Guy Eastman

[quote]“There were many delightful short trips we could have taken with reasonable comfort. We decided, however, that these should be saved for a later day when we had qualified for the grandfather class. We felt we should take the hard trek now when we were still in good condition physically, before we “carried too much weight for age.” -Theodore Roosevelt, 1926[/quote] [signoff1]

About Guy Eastman, Editor-In-Chief

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Following in the footsteps of his father, Guy has taken up the reins and is now at the helm of the Eastmans’ Hunting Journal and the Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal. A fine hunter in his own right, Guy has taken several trophy animals and has become an expert in trophy hunting as well.

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  1. Henry Hugulet

    I too read, “East of the Sun West of The Moon” back in the fifties. I still have the book. Another you might like is,”The Great Arc of The Wild Sheep” by James Clark.

  2. Enjoy the adventure!… Just to let you guys know, we are reeiving healthy mosoon rains here in the Arizona high country. Have a safe trip and looking forward to a great season this year.

  3. Take backup food. A friend of mine went there for sheep and all they had to eat for a week was Yak cheese and bread, three meals a day. His second trip, he took his own food. Also take lots of candy bars which are a super rare treat for the locals. My friend said that the head of the family, usually the father, would take the candy bars and slice them into portions and dole them out to the family for desert like they were the most precious food on earth, almost as if it was a religious ritual.

  4. Craig Germond

    Good luck!

  5. Brian Soliday


    Good luck. Look forward to seeing/hearing of your success. I just returned from China on Saturday. You are in for a treat.


  6. If I know you guys like I think I do, then my advice is relax, when you are in a foreign country you must go with the flow. You will be prepared in every way before you leave to the best you can be. Enjoy every second and keep us homefolk informed. Have fun and happy hunting.
    Brad Smith

  7. Guy & Crew, may Your journey be safe . It will be one of your most memorable trips. I know your dad would be so proud of the journal and all associated with it. Sincerely Yours Dano

  8. Go and show the world we not only live for the hunt, but hunt to live. As representation of us, what better person should be in Mongo! I am sure an Epic Adventure is soon to come. Put one down for us!

  9. Bryan Dvirnak

    Have a great trip and I look forward, as I am sure all your hunting fans are, to hearing and seeing your trip on the Outdoor Channel.

  10. Guy, we pray that the lord gives you and your crew safe filght to and from your destination. We here in will be waiting for updates. Good luck and GOD BLESS..

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