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Holy Grizzly!

Holy grizzlies! The old boy, the big grizzly boar that had visited us earlier, came back this evening as it was snowing. He walked through my yard, then turned and headed down the road, crossing the creek. I got photos of him walking past and crossing the creek. The bruin, I think, is looking for some love; mating season is starting, you know.

I guess him at 7 1/2 feet and 500-600 pounds. Jack, my 3-year-old grandson, got to watch him walk down the road – great stuff. Jack had a good three days up here with Bertie and me. Not only did he get to see grizzlies but up close and personal, there were also mule deer and herds of elk moving up the creek to summer range. He is all buzzed up on the wildlife.

It’s snowing and raining right now. We have over 8″ of snow and it’s been coming down for four days. The power went off all day Thursday because of the heavy, wet snow. I tell you what; the creek is surging down the mountain bank-to-bank. Rumor has it the snow pack on top is still over six feet. Because of the weather I haven’t gotten back above the place to look for that big black bear boar we spotted. I’m still itching to do some black bear hunting. Looking at the weather forecast for next week, it looks as if it could be favorable for bear scouting.

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