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Grizzly Bear Hunting in British Columbia!

Guy Eastman closes the deal on a mountain grizzly bear, one of North America’s most dangerous big game animals. There is no shortage of action in this episode with bear encounters and great footage in British Columbia! Press play to come along for this Canadian adventure!

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  1. prettiest thing you ever seen, gorgeous bear, chasing a sow to reproduce more big bears……. and you kill him, nice one bud!!

  2. I did a hunt in northern BC in ’78 .Very much like this..Kachicka Mtns a little south of the Yukon…Beautiful,untouched country ‘cept a few native indians..Game rich and a true hunt….Backpack hunt for 18 days, ,just me and the indian guide…Took a 60″ moose and a gorgeous silver- tip grizzly…Dream of this,lol,total cost with trophy fee for bear—$4,500…Only 30 at the time so I borrowed the money and I’m glad I did..

  3. Hey tough guy- did you end up eating that Bear?? or at the very least give the meat to someone who could use it? or was that too inconvenient, so you just cut off the skull and skin it. You people are cowards with small dick complex. nothing more. “most beautiful sight I ever saw”then you kill it. oh the irony

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