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FOR the LOVE of MULE DEER! Wyoming Mule Deer Migration

Wyoming mule deer numbers have seen drastic change in the last fifty years. These western icons rely on migration between summer and winter range to survive. Threats to mule deer migration routes are real, but this is an issue we can overcome. Conservation can beat this. Let’s take action. We’re releasing a new film all about mule deer, migration and deer hunting. Don’t miss it! Be sure to subscribe to our channel and tap the bell to get notifications. We’ll let you know this new project drops!

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To help raise money for this Wyoming Migration Initiative, we have donated a trophy mule deer hunt in CO to the Conservation Banquet auction at the Hunt Expo on February 14, 2020.  This hunt is as near to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a trophy mule deer hunt as you can get in the famed mule deer mecca of Colorado. This hunt is a 100% donation by the Eastman family where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Wyoming Migration Initiative via the Mule Deer Foundation.

The hunt is an “any weapon”, early season mule deer hunt on the famed Hill Ranch in southern Colorado. This area is the single toughest mule deer draw in the state of Colorado, currently taking over 26 preference points. The hunter will be the sole deer hunter in camp, on nearly 57,000 acres of prime Colorado deer habitat, all Fair Chase.

The hunt is a full and complete donation including all hunt costs, including the deer tag, land-owner voucher, meat processing, all tips and trophy fees, a generous gear package from Kryptek, Sig Sauer and Mystery Ranch and guided by an Eastman family member and filmed for an upcoming Eastmans film project.

This hunt is not physically demanding and special physical limitations can be accommodated. A mule deer buck of 180 and up is the norm here, with the definite possibility for a buck in the 200+ range. This ranch is consistently booked up for ten years in advance and has produced dozens of 200” deer over the past two decades. This is your one-time opportunity to jump in on one of the best trophy mule deer hunts in the West and put money directly on the ground for mule deer conservation through the Wyoming Migration Initiative.

Here is an online link to the item if you can’t make it to the Conservation Banquet in Salt Lake City on February 14: click here to bid on the hunt.  We will be providing a link for direct donations to the Wyoming Migration Initiative at a later date.

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