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First shot at 1000 yards! Custom In-Rut Rifles Review

This Eastmans’ review features In-Rut Rifles custom built Full Curl rifle chambered in 6.5 PRC. Hunter Scott Reekers tests the accuracy of this rifle straight out of the box at 1000 yards! Then Scott sits down with Mark Lembke the owner of In-Rut Rifles. Mark is all about precision and accuracy. He personally shoots and sights-in every rifle built in his shop. When you’ve finally drawn that lifetime hunting tag, you want a rifle you can count on. The custom rifles produced by In-Rut Rifles could be just the tool you need to notch that tag when your dream hunt becomes a reality.

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  1. NICE! It’s all about hunting right? Give me a break; 1000 yds., wow! Having a rifle reach/shoot out to 1000yds or more is not hunting period. Get off your a—s get in the field and get close to your animal… I am sorry. Save it for the military people.

  2. Richard Fuller

    I agree with David, I live for the stalk, I grew up in western New York where we could only hunt with shotgun until only recently. You learned early that you had to get in close to some of these smart old farm bucks if you wanted to kill one! I’m a lot older today but I go to Wyoming and hunt mule deer and antelope and still get in close. Never missed one yet

  3. I use a bow and all my shots are under forty yards. So all you rifle hunters condemning long range shooters put your money where your mouth is. Put down the rifle, get off your a–s quit taking long shots. “Anything over 40 yards” in my world, and get close. CHEERS.

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