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Field judging spread on a mule deer buck.

Picking photos for my new Mule Deer book. In the field judging section I have a section on spread. Using this photo in that section. Any of you want to judge this bucks outside spread with the cheaters?

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The letter below came through my email this morning. I’ll not divulge who wrote it …


  1. 32″ 🙂

  2. Tough one ……27 1/2″

  3. ears pined back and from behind..hmmm, I’d guess 25″? look forward to your new muley book mike. I purchased your original version about 10 years ago at a show in reno(it has the color pics); it’s one of my “treasures.”

  4. Inside Boone & Crockett 23″ . Why bother with outside; it means nothing in the score?

  5. 29″

  6. 23 to 24 outside spread

  7. Vergil H. Pace


  8. 28 2/8

  9. 28.5″ …and I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot him if I got a chance.

  10. 28″

  11. I’d say 28 1/2″

  12. 27ish. interesting buck

  13. Martin Hinkins

    31 7/8

  14. Elliott burns


  15. 28/ 1/2

  16. 31 tough one

  17. So whats the answer?

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