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Eberlestock Batwing Pouch Review

Eberlestock packs have served me well in the past and will continue to do so into the future. With longevity and versatility in mind, I have become a fan of the F1 Mainframe for a variety of reasons, and when partnered with the new Batwing Pouches, I have a whole new set of options.

For the avid shed hunter, I see this pack excelling on the springtime death marches that so often go with that activity. Simply open it up, place an elk shed inside and cinch it down. If packed properly, the weight will be balanced well and a steady carry.

For the day excursions or overnight scouting missions, the 21″h x 6″w x 5″d pockets inside of the pouch can easily keep a spotting scope or other long items under control. The 615 cubic inch main compartment is big enough to hold a Jetboil or other cylindrical type of stove while the interior pockets would keep things like knives or other small hunting necessities in place.

If you are a fan of the Eberlestock gun scabbard, the Batwing pouch and F1 Mainframe is compatible with both. If you have a J1 style pack and have ever wanted just a little more space without adding too much weight, well the 11 oz. Batwing Pouch works there too. Really the options are endless, but at the end of a long hike from the backcountry, that is what Eberlestock has built their packs around. Versatile packs that server that meet the needs of just about any western hunter!

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