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Eastmans’ Hunting Journals and Kryptek Join Forces


In today’s confusing times it’s important to surround yourself with people and communities that share your values, interests, and beliefs. Eastmans’ Hunting Journals has always been staunchly pro 2A, defended our Constitution, supported veterans and aligned ourselves with hunting patriots that love America and the freedoms it affords its citizens. Therefore it is with great pride that we announce our partnership with Kryptek Outdoor Group! 

Kryptek is a Combat Veteran-Owned company that is made up of pro-Second Amendment, Constitutional patriots who fully understand and embrace fair-chase trophy hunting and the vital role these values play in protecting, preserving and pushing forward the American hunting heritage. 

“Kryptek and Eastmans’ align so well in our passions for western big game hunting and the protection of our Constitutional rights,” said Ike Eastman, President of Eastmans’ Publishing, Inc. “The Eastman family has known the Kryptek founders, Butch Whiting and Josh Cleghorn, for years and we couldn’t be more excited to forge this partnership, further building both brands and working together to protect our hunting heritage and 2A rights as Americans. We are excited to be wearing their top notch line of gear and help in new product development!”

Kryptek’s ethos can be found in the company’s DNA, derived from the battlefield and built for the backcountry. Based on the highly effective netting used to camouflage tanks or hide-sites, Kryptek Camo is the only camouflage pattern rigorously tested by the United States’ Military during the US Camo Improvement Project, selectively used by U.S. and Coalition Special Operations, and available in the Civilian Hunting Market. Today, Kryptek camouflage remains one of the most effective on the market. Its popularity resonates with end-users across a wide spectrum of fields – from hardcore backcountry hunters and tactical SWAT teams to mainstream Hollywood films. Kryptek prides itself on producing the highest quality gear to match the epic nature of its camouflage patterns, offering apparel and gear for any outdoor adventure.

“Kryptek is extremely excited to be partnered with Eastmans Hunting Journals!” said Kryptek CEO, Butch Whiting. “Their family legacy has been extremely critical in establishing the foundation of the American hunting culture as we know it today, and their mentality, philosophies, and authenticity will ensure these cherished traditions are honored for generations to come. The Kryptek brand nests extremely well with Eastmans’.”

Kryptek leaves zero doubt about where they stand and Eastmans’ stands with them, excited for what the future of our relationship has in store. You can stand with us too. When you wear Kryptek you make it known in no uncertain terms that you value our Second Amendment, support veterans, uphold our Constitution and have a passion for conservation and fair chase trophy hunting. There has never been a more important time to be proud of what you believe and support companies like Eastmans’ Hunting Journals, Kryptek and others in the fight to preserve our American hunting heritage, ensuring its preservation for generations to come! 

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  1. It is fantastic that like minded companies join forces to protect our freedoms and our hunting heritage. Thank you to both Eastman’s & Krypek! P.S. I think I might need to get a 0 degree kilsia bag

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