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Don’t Be A Victim! Watch The Walther PPQ 45 Review

Family man and hunter Scott Reekers shares his experience with the Walther PPQ 45. Combined with Hornady ammunition, this compact pistol is perfect for concealed carry and packs the punch needed to handle threats, human and otherwise. Reekers travels with his from home to trailhead and all the way to hunting camp.

Scott’s ammo for the Walther PPQ 45:

Hornady Critical Defense 45 AUTO 185 gr FTX

Hornady Critical Duty 45 AUTO+P 220 gr FlexLock

Check out Scott’s high country deer hunt next: https://youtu.be/J92139sErcs

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  1. Walther’s PPQ line is a top shelf model, in any caliber, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45ACP. It has the best factory trigger on the market IMO. I own the 9mm and .40 models, and both are a joy to shoot. I’ve not had the opportunity to fire up the .45 model, but if it’s anything at all like it’s smaller (caliber) siblings, it’ll be a performer.

  2. The PPQ is an awesome gun in 45acp. It’s been my EDC for over 2 years now, with one backup mag (25 rds of 230gr PDX1 Defender BJHP).

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