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Trophy Species

Is Common Sense Dead?

Every person has a point where they just shake their head in disbelief because no sense can be made of a situation no matter how it’s spun. Case in point is the Rocky Mountain goat at Dinosaur National Monument (“DNM”). Typically when you hear about a story that just doesn’t …

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Clash Of The Rams!

Bighorn sheep have a brutal rutting ritual. Big rams collide head-on to earn the right to breed. Rams are built to handle the impact of head-butting rut fights, but the impact sound is still cringe-worthy. Press play to get your fill of these animals You also won’t want to miss …

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Alaska Caribou Hunt!

Going to Alaska to hunt just about any species is a dream for most of us and something that we would gladly check off the bucket list. Guy Eastman travels to Alaska to hunt for a velvet caribou bull in this episode. Hunting for a single trophy in a herd …

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