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Trophy Species

Montana Corrections and Updates

For those interested in Montana Mountain Goat and are referring to the MRS for their application strategy there have been some minor corrections made. In keeping with providing you with the most accurate and up to date information possible, we’ve corrected the minor issues with the Montana Mountain Goat Table …

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Leaving So Soon?

Bowhunter Adam Moleski tackles the rugged terrain of British Columbia to harvest a mature Stone’s sheep ram. Days of bad weather make locating trophy rams difficult, but Moleski and his wife manage to turn up a nice legal ram on their way back to the trailhead. Read the full story in …

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Is Common Sense Dead?

Every person has a point where they just shake their head in disbelief because no sense can be made of a situation no matter how it’s spun. Case in point is the Rocky Mountain goat at Dinosaur National Monument (“DNM”). Typically when you hear about a story that just doesn’t …

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Clash Of The Rams!

Bighorn sheep have a brutal rutting ritual. Big rams collide head-on to earn the right to breed. Rams are built to handle the impact of head-butting rut fights, but the impact sound is still cringe-worthy. Press play to get your fill of these animals You also won’t want to miss …

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Alaska Caribou Hunt!

Going to Alaska to hunt just about any species is a dream for most of us and something that we would gladly check off the bucket list. Guy Eastman travels to Alaska to hunt for a velvet caribou bull in this episode. Hunting for a single trophy in a herd …

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