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Clash Of The Rams!

Bighorn sheep have a brutal rutting ritual. Big rams collide head-on to earn the right to breed. Rams are built to handle the impact of head-butting rut fights, but the impact sound is still cringe-worthy. Press play to get your fill of these animals You also won’t want to miss …

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Eastmans’ and Sitka- Performance Gear Meets Family Tradition!

Eastmans’ and Sitka Announce Multi-Year Partnership Powell, WY: Eastmans’ Publishing, Inc. a third generation company and the leading western big game hunting media outlet; creators of Eastmans’ Hunting and Bowhunting Journals along with Eastmans’ Hunting TV, is excited to announce that they have forged a multi-year sponsorship with extreme performance …

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When Rattlesnakes Strike!

If you have ever hunted mule deer or antelope on the desert prairies that dominate portions of our landscape rattlesnakes have likely crossed your mind. On more than one occasion we have run into them and fortunately have been able to walk away without a quick trip to the E.R. …

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Public Land Elk Hunt! 2012

Join Guy Eastman for his Wyoming public land elk hunt in one of his favorite spots. He killed a very good bull in 2011 and he finds a great bull in 2012, press play to watch it unfold! For more great content SUBSCRIBE HERE to Eastmans’ Hunting Journals! Want more …

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