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Beyond The Grid: Giant In The Mist!

Beyond The Grid is a new digital docu-series from Eastmans’ showcasing bow and rifle hunts across the West and beyond, delivered to you by our digital channels. This is exclusive big game hunting content at the tip of your fingers on your phone or the press of a button on your computer. In the first episode, Giant In The Mist, hunter Dan Netluch finds himself in elk heaven amidst the rugged western Montana hills. Surrounded by bugling bulls, Netluch, at first, has a hard time picking a target. Watch him harvest a 370-class bull in this Eastmans’ exclusive hunt.


About Guy Eastman, Editor-In-Chief

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Following in the footsteps of his father, Guy has taken up the reins and is now at the helm of the Eastmans’ Hunting Journal and the Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal. A fine hunter in his own right, Guy has taken several trophy animals and has become an expert in trophy hunting as well.

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  1. Love the video keep them coming. Your magazine is the best in the business and now you have raised the bar Congratulations

  2. Pretty disrespectful on how those guys treated that bull in the end. I would think a bigger magazine like eastmans would show a little more class on their videos they promote. Use to like Eastman until it turned into a trophy magazine. Use to be a lot more enjoyable to read when it was about the hunt and not just the size of the game.

    • You obviously have no idea what was going on there. That bull’s rack stuck in the ground as it fell and rolled. When they started trying to move it, it let loose and wanted to continue rolling downhill. They were thankful that they anticipated that happening and were able to get out of the way. Get a little more informed before you go writing off a business due to your own ignorance.

      • Sure had no problems taking photos….

        • Still, you have no idea… look at the bush to the side of where they took the pics… that’s where it ended up after it rolled down further and wasn’t going to roll anymore. Editors sometimes show things a bit out of order, like interesting snippets at the end. I’m actually glad they showed that because that can be very dangerous for someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing. That bull’s rack definitely snagged and kept it from rolling further downhill. If they hadn’t noticed that and had stood downhill of it as they started moving it for the first time, the 800lb+ animal could’ve rolled over one of them and caused injury. They weren’t laughing out of disrespect, they were laughing out of relief for what could’ve been had they not noticed that and been safe.

  3. This is a great addition to an already awesome magazine!

  4. There is a good reason Not available is Not available and true hunters know what that reason is. Great video!!

  5. Whew, incredible bull and great shot!

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