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Bear Judging 101

yogiWithout a doubt, black bears are one of the toughest big game animals to put a size to and determine the sex of. The differences between a big sow and small boar from a distance can be ever so subtle and there is no single, surefire, 100% fail-safe factor to look for.

After hunting in British Columbia a few times over the years with Dan Brooks, one of the continent’s top bear guides (Crystal Lake Resort, www.crstallakebc.com), Dan was able to help me get a much better handle on the process and methods for putting a sex, age and over-all size on a trophy back bear. This is a short video where Dan explains his unique method for identifying the sex and then putting a size to the bear.

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  1. Francis Cameron

    Great segment and information on Bears!

    As for judging sex, I would add one more consideration: The front legs of a sow are tapered at the wrist, a boar’s are straight like tree trunks. I have found this the quickest/easiest way to determine sex.

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