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And the EBJ Hunt Winner Is…

Dan Miller, 68, from Nehawka, NE, saw the blinking light on his answering machine upon returning home from out of town late Tuesday evening, September 4. The unexpected message from Ike Eastman informed him that he was the 2012 Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal’s Fourth Annual Hunt Winner. Not knowing if the message was real or not, Dan knew he had a long night of waiting before he could call and verify the news with the Eastmans’ office the next morning.

The 2011 EBJ Hunt Winner, Curtis Tobias, with his awesome bull!

Dan, a retired UPS employee of 30 years and hunter safety instructor, will be met by Guy Eastman and the Eastmans’ Hunting TV crew during the last week of September. Dan and the crew will watch in awe as mature herd bulls push harems of cows through high-alpine meadows and grassy creek bottoms with satellite bulls in tow. Dan will surely have to hold back when presented the opportunity to take an aggressive satellite bull and hold out for a real trophy. Over the years, the hunt winner bull’s score have averaged 354 inches B&C gross! To top this all off, Dan will be able to watch his hunt unfold on the Outdoor Channel on Eastmans’ Hunting TV. This will be a hunt that he’s surely never to forget and you can see why it’s the most anticipated hunt giveaway in the industry. Good luck Dan!

A big thank you to all of you subscribers who recently renewed your subscription to ensure you were entered to win. I know you may not have won this time, but you never know, next year could be you!

-Ike Eastman

About Ike Eastman

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Ike Eastman is the President of Eastmans’ Publishing and oversees the daily operations of Eastmans’ Hunting TV, Eastmans’ Hunting and Bowhunting Journals, Eastmans’ Live Events including the Trophy Deer Tour, films in the fall and is hands-on in all facets of the company. Ike’s hunting knowledge and expertise has been shaped by more than 25 years of pursuing trophy big game across most of North America.

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  1. Congratulations Dan, have fun and shoot a Monster bull for all of us who have been dreaming about it. Your hunting for all of us 🙂

    • Sorry it took so long to reply. The hunt was great and very successful. The ranch, guide(s), and of course, Guy Eastman and cameraman, John, were excellent to associate and hunt with. I am truly a “lucky” man. Harvested a great 5×6, 350 class bull. Thanks for your encouragement.

  2. Congrats Dan, good luck and get a big’un. Had an arrow nocked today but couldn’t get a shot off. Love chasing elk in September!

    • Having not shot a bull, I’m impressed with Eastman’s, Hill Ranch and all their staff. Had a GREAT hunt and got an excellent 350 class 5×6 bull.

  3. Congrats Dan… make up proud and the best of luck on your hunt!!

  4. Thanks again to the entire Eastman’s family and staff. There isn’t a better publication on western style hunting in the world… keep up the great work…!!!

  5. Congrats Dann. Looking forward to seeing you on TV.

  6. Congrats Dad! To Eastman’s and everyone else reading…This prize couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person. He always thinks of others before himself, he is gifted at teaching others, and he enjoys every minute spent outdoors. I am sure you will all have fun. Thank You Eastman’s, keep up the great work!! Good Luck Papa!

  7. Congrats dann, you are getting a once in a lifetime hunt from a great group of guys. good luck

    • You bet they are an exceptional group of people. They treat their hunters great and make one feel they are really special. Will get details in the EBJ. Thanks.

  8. Thats great Dan I’m a UPSer of 24 yrs and I love to hunt. Go Big Brown. Kill a big UPS herd bull

    • Well he “was” the herd bull the first night we saw him; but, lost that title by the next morning. We got him, and he’s a beauty. More to come. Good hunting. Keep Big Brown going.

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