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The Sitka Ascent Series

Sitka Gear and innovation go hand in hand. Last season, I was fortunate to be able to test the new Ascent series in the Subalpine pattern that has already proven successful based on the story submissions we have seen already.

In Colorado last fall, I had an early season hunt that threw everything from the warm weather that can strike in the high country early season to the bone-chilling rain that happens above 12,000 feet. The Ascent series is built for those warm weather days and when partnered with an entire system from Sitka, it makes for a great early high country mountain-conquering system.

The pockets are mesh lined, which make venting heat on a warm hike possible, with solid stitching for a tough build. Everything Sitka builds is purpose-driven and these pockets are built with keeping a hunter cool in the early season in mind. Less sweat means less stench, which aids in getting the elk close.

Early season hunting is also synonymous with bowhunting, and the purpose-built nature of the Ascent series shines here as well. The pants have built-in knee pad pockets and the tops have slim sleeves designed for releasing a bow.  If you are wearing the Ascent series, be prepared for it to perform well in the archery season.

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